To use business intelligence as a transformation tool to give sustained success to our clients and customers, and always innovating to be the best in our service offerings.

How many of the companies have tried to talk about that the simplicity of the business intelligence? And how many have been talking about transformation that implementation of BI solutions can bring? Well the answers to these questions are many of the existing market leaders and SMB’s.

However we at CogniSoft  Technologies we are bringing an End 2 End vision for a firm’s requirement around the business transformation and how our core competency of Business Intelligence solutions can leverage that. We are a team of experienced, dedicated, hardworking, and innovative professionals who have had proven their expertise in different business verticals such as, Banking and Financial Industry, Healthcare, Supply chain, Insurance, Software Development, IT consulting, Business consulting etc. We have had a great record in project implementation of hundred percent.

We have built a DNA and live by the values embedded in us:


We intend to be as innovative as possible, to keep ourselves on the radar. This is the only way you can mark your presence.


To be honest in all our business practices ensuring that we are not just another Yes in your team, but a No with reasons and solutions.


Leverage the best of our client’s and our capabilities to bring in the best of both the worlds.


Being a part of the bigger community and leveraging the best of talents and bringing value to business for our clients and employees.


Creating an open organization where people feel a part of the decision making process and feel valued and respected and the same reflects in their actions towards the world class service delivery.


We believe that we are all world citizens and have a lot to give back to the society and the underprivileged and the matters that need our attention. We encourage the value of being a global citizen.


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